Focused on the foibles of family- sibling rivalry, new parenthood, and generation gaps- this show is full of wacky fun.

"Family Matters"

A rollicking comic journey, from young love to courtship, and marriage through scenes and songs by some of our most popular authors.  

"Love and Laughter"

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​                       (973) 951-4523 (text or vm)


The theme of all our shows is "Laughter Ever After"- highlighting the hilarity and absurdity of love, marriage and family life...

Combining the freshest material from the Broadway stage with beloved classics to create a deliciously witty and wise evening of theatre.

​​​Details:     We feature hour-long shows in reader's theatre format.

​                                   Our shows are adaptable to any venue large or small.

                                   Please contact us to work out the specifics for your event 

                                    and performance space. 

"The Marriage Cure"