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​                       (973) 951-4523 (text or vm)


​​​Details:     We feature hour-long shows in reader's theatre format.

​                                   Our shows are adaptable to any venue large or small.

                                   Please contact us to work out the specifics for your event 

                                    and performance space. 

A rollicking comic journey, from young love to courtship, and marriage through scenes and songs by some of our most popular authors.  

"The Marriage Cure"

"Family Matters"

Combining the freshest material from the Broadway stage with beloved classics to create a deliciously witty and wise evening of theatre.

The theme of all our shows is "Laughter Ever After"- highlighting the hilarity and absurdity of love, marriage and family life...

"Love and Laughter"

Focused on the foibles of family- sibling rivalry, new parenthood, and generation gaps- this show is full of wacky fun.